How 18W Fast Charge Quick Chargers Can Help You Power Up Your Smartphone Faster

Are you tired of waiting for your smartphone to charge? Do you wish you could power up your device faster? With 18W Fast Charge Quick Chargers, you can do just that!
Battery BrandPD Wall charger
Input voltageAC100-240V
Output voltageDC5V3A/9V2.2A
Product weightAmerican standard :35g
Product sizeAmerican standard :43*28*61mm
Product materialABS
Power Delivery PD20W
InterfaceType C
alt-531 These quick chargers are designed to provide your device with a faster charge than traditional chargers. They use a higher wattage to deliver more power to your device, allowing it to charge up to 70% faster. This means you can get back to using your device sooner and enjoy more time with it.
Not only do these quick chargers provide a faster charge, but they also help to protect your device from overcharging. They are equipped with advanced safety features that monitor the temperature and voltage of your device, ensuring that it is charged safely and efficiently. With an 18W Fast Charge Quick Charger, you can power up your device faster and enjoy more time with it. So why wait? Get your quick charger today and start experiencing the convenience of faster charging.

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