How to Maximize the Benefits of an 18W Fast Charger Battery Pack

1. Use a compatible device: Ensure that your device is compatible with the 18W fast charger battery pack. alt-970
2. Use the right cable: Use the cable that came with the battery pack for optimal charging. 3. Avoid overcharging: Unplug the battery pack once it is fully charged to avoid overcharging. 4. Keep the battery pack cool: Avoid exposing the battery pack to extreme temperatures to maximize its lifespan.
Battery BrandPD Wall charger
Input voltageAC100-240V
Output voltageDC5V3A/9V2.2A
Product weightAmerican standard :35g
Product sizeAmerican standard :43*28*61mm
Product materialABS
Power Delivery PD20W
InterfaceType C
5. Store the battery pack properly: Store the battery pack in a cool, dry place when not in use. 6. Use the battery pack regularly: Regularly use the battery pack to keep it in good condition.

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